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    Been a while


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    Been a while

    Post by Nitemare58 on Wed Nov 18, 2015 10:46 am

    To everyone that still checks in here Laughing saw that offroad Nitemare for sale and made me realize I had totally forgotten about this site. Sorry I let it go for so long with all the spammers. Cleaned it all up and I will try to stay on top of it.

    So for anyone interested in what I have been driving since the Nitemare, I have had a few changes and am about to sell my current truck as well (which is why I was searching craigslist).

    After the Nitemare I got the 2011 Mustang GT I mentioned a while back. After a few thousand miles I had a Vortech supercharger put on.

    After the Mustang I got a Lotus Exige Twisted Evil

    Sold the Lotus and got a Raptor which I just got a deposit on to sell haha anyone that is looking for another fun F150 should definitely take a look at the Raptor. Whole different type of fun but they are great trucks on and off road.

    So if you are still around feel free to check in!

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